Listing Guarantee

Seller’s Choice Commission Program

6% – If another agent represents the buyer.
4% – If you find a buyer yourself and want me to do the paperwork.
0% – If you sell your home yourself, to a buyer you procured through your own efforts, no other agent is involved, and I have no further involvement in the transaction.*


Easy Exit Listing Guarantee

We think, if you are unhappy with your agent, you should have the power to fire them. We are so confident you will be happy with our services and results, we put it in a Listing Guarantee.  The Guarantee: If, for any reason, the Seller decides not to sell their property, or if the Seller is not satisfied with the services rendered, I ask that you discuss the issue with me and give me a chance to fix it.  If I am not able to fix the problem or concern, the listing may be CANCELLED by the seller at any time.  A 15 day written notice is required so that all marketing can be removed.

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* Exception: If there is a secured buyer or an accepted offer on the property.  Any buyers that are made aware of the home for sale, by any of the Listing Agent’s marketing efforts, including but not limited to the for sale sale in the front yard, and any online and offline marketing created or reproduced from the listing agents marketing, would not qualify for the the zero % listing commissions.  Seller would have to do their own marketing in addition to the listing agent to qualify for this program.


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