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Down Payment Assistance-Get up to 15,000 dollars to help you buy your own home.

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance

Down Payment Assistance

Get up to 15,000, to help buy your own home

· Down Payment Assistance! (Up To $15,000.)

· It’s up to 25% cheaper to own, than rent!

· To deduct interest off of your income.

· Your Mtg payments don’t go up.

· Bigger space & better parking!

· It’s yours, do what you want.

· No sudden move outs!

Explore Your Options, Call Today For A Free, No Obligation Consultation!


Home Buyer Assistance-Phoenix Metro Revelation Real Estate – Equal Housing Opportunity

Down Payment Assistance Programs

Down Payment Assistance Programs Give Up To $15,000, To Help You Buy a Home! Get Yours While it Lasts!

Government programs give first time home buyers, or next time home buyers, in Maricopa County and Pinal County, Arizona up to $15,000 to help buy their first home. This program can also be used by anyone who doesn’t currently own a home, as well. There are credit and income requirements, housing requirements, loan qualification requirements, and program guidelines that must be adhered to. It can be used on homes selling for $300,000 or less. You may use the housing assistance grant money for down payment assistance, or closing costs.

Contact Us Today, to see if you qualify for this Grant Money, home buying assistance program called Home in 5, or Home Plus!

The Rutt Team

Need Down Payment Assistance?

Need Down Payment Assistance?

Tired of Paying Someone Else Rent?

Tired of Paying Someone Else Rent?

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5 Reasons to Buy a Home Now!

1. Home Inventories are up…better selection and better prices.
2. Interest rates are low but headed up. Qualify for more now, less if you wait.
3. Rents keep going up. It is cheaper to buy! Let us show you.
4. The cost of land, labor, and materials to build homes keeps going up.
5. Very little cash is needed now, but that could be going up.

Buy a Home, Start paying yourself every month, and watch your equity go up!

Find Your Dream Home Here!

      4 Easy Steps to Buying Your Own Home
(Now You Know How!)

1. Choose a Rutt Team realtor to assist you. Their services are paid for by the seller, even though they represent you. They will help you with every aspect of the home buying process. The Rutt Team is surrounded by a great team of lending, title, warranty, and inspection professionals who will be happy to help make this process easy and uncomplicated for you. Then all you have to do is focus on finding a home that fits you or your family’s wish list. Contact The Rutt Team or call 480-361-4111.

2. Get pre-qualified for a good loan. Your realtor will be a great resource for you when selecting a lender. The lender should be very knowledgeable, helpful, and make getting a loan easy. During this process you will realize that owning is less expensive than renting. Contact The Rutt Team to get started, today!

3. Look at homes, (Find Your Dream Home here), and make an offer with your experienced Rutt Team agent. Together, with The Rutt Team’s help, do an exhaustive search for homes with your search criteria. Then the Rutt Team will set up a showing of the ones you want to see. When you find a home you like, your agent will show you the comparable sales in the neighborhood, so you can establish a reasonable offering price and terms. You can start looking at homes right now if you like, (Find Your Dream Home here).

4. Make an offer, inspect and warrant the home you are buying. Your Rutt Team agent will suggest that you inspect the home, using a professional home inspector. Your agent will help you negotiate the repair of any discovered items. You will have an opportunity to revisit the home prior to closing to make sure the repairs have been completed properly, and that no other damages have occurred since the offer was made. Then, it is wise to purchase a professional home warranty for any future repairs. Then close and move into your home.
Find Your Dream Home Now!

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Find Your Dream Home Here

Why Hasn’t My Home Sold?

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Why Hasn’t My Home Sold?

5 Critical Reasons Your Home Did Not Sell!

Wrong Price?    Wrong incentives?    Wrong Marketing?    Wrong House?    Wrong Agent?      YES!

If You Would like a Confidential Conversation about your Property (click here) Or Call 480-361-4111

     Selling your home is a science, not a guessing or hoping game.  Most agents guess at the price and most sellers are hoping to get more than the market will bear.   Yes it’s true; every home will sell at the right price.  You need to determine the right price.   This is critical.

1.     Right Price.    By using the analysis approach, as an appraiser would, we analyze your home’s value, and compare that to your goals.  In a Buyer’s market it makes no sense to start high and work low over time.  You need to be priced close to or under the market so you will look attractive to buyers who are comparing your home to others on the market.  If you need a higher price than the market will bear, then you need to have a superior home and offer incentives to agents and buyer’s to consider your home over the competition.  This conversation must take place with your agent. See what Your Home Is Worth

2.     Right Incentives.    Offering cash incentives to cover a problem with the home is NOT a good thing.  Buyers don’t want to deal with the requirements of the lender, and the repairs themselves, after the home closes.  Problems should be dealt with before you put the home on the market.  Problems will almost always equal a lower price offered.   Instead, offer to pay the buyer’s closing costs and offer additional compensation (commissions) to the showing agents.  Who schedules the showings…?

3.     Right Marketing.    Most agents will put your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and hope it sells quickly.  If they price it right and offer the right incentives, that might happen.   But it didn’t!  Now what?  They will come to you and ask you for another price reduction.  Now might be a good time to ask them what marketing they have done specific to your home.  Chances are they didn’t do any additional marketing.  Then compare their marketing to the Rutt Team’s Marketing Plan.  We market every home we list with our full online and offline marketing plan.  We start out with gorgeous photos of the home.  We build a unique web site for each home we list, including virtual tours, photos, mapping, features, etc., and then syndicate it to all the real estate websites.  We also do a lot of offline marketing in real estate publications, open houses, E-Flyers to agents, neighborhood flyers, Call-capture sign riders and yes, we answer our phones when they ring!  Call the agent you are considering a couple of different times throughout the day and see if he/she answers their phone.  If they don’t answer their phone, they are missing your buyers.  Then, call “The Rutt Team” and see what happens.  You will get a live person.  Compare Your Current Marketing Plan to The Rutt Team’s Marketing Plan.  Search All Listings On The Rutt Team Search Site.

4.     Right House.    Have you done everything you reasonably can to make your home shine above all the other competing homes?  Clean up the landscaping, clean the entryway, clean the carpets, clean, clean, clean, and paint the interior if needed.  Have you organized the closets, kitchen cabinets, pantry, and de-personalize your home?  See Tips restaging your home.

5.     Right Agent.    If they are avoiding the conversations above, or they are simply agreeing with everything you say to get the listing, then maybe they are not the right agent to negotiate for you when that less than perfect offer comes in and you need a better price or terms.  Contact us Now.


Call The Rutt Team Now!  Then Plan on Selling Your Home!  

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Click here to compare the Rutt Team’s Marking Plan

Find Out What Your Arizona Is Home worth?  Click Here!


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Why Are Buyers Looking For HUD Homes For Sale in Phoenix Arizona Info?

Why Are Buyers Looking For HUD Homes For Sale in Phoenix Arizona Info?

When a home owner defaults on the payment of their FHA loan, the financial institution that holds the loan (banks) eventually take that property back. The Federal government (FHA) insured the bank against the buyer’s default. The bank then turns the property over to FHA/HUD for reimbursement of their losses. FHA/HUD acquires the home from the bank. Then HUD cleans up the property, looks for safety and soundness issues and markets the home for sale in it’s as-is condition with disclosures about the known conditions.

Anyone who can get a loan, or pay cash, can buy a HUD Home. There are priority periods for owner occupants, at first, so check with your HUD registered real estate agent for more information. HUD homes can be purchased at excellent values. They are located in most neighborhoods, and many are in move in condition. Investors may purchase HUD Homes after the owner occupant period has expired. You have a 15 day inspection period to inspect the home and discover any previously undisclosed, non-cosmetic items. The inspection is to satisfy you about the condition of the property. HUD will NOT do any repairs! You are buying the home AS-IS, and hopefully at an excellent value. Your agent can discuss your options with you after your inspection is completed. Buyers DO need to work with a HUD registered real estate agent to bid on a HUD Home. Feel free to contact us. We have helped thousands of home buyers purchase HUD Homes for more than 20 years. We also train other agents on the process of selling HUD Homes. You can start your home search and fact finding below. . . or call us and we will walk you through it.