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Any HUD registered Broker, and their registered sales agents can submit bids on HUD Homes. It’s free for Designated Brokers to register, it simply requires a minimal effort to fill out and submit the NAID (Name, Address, Identification) application. It can take weeks for approval by HUD, so start today. After the Designated Broker receives their NAID number from HUD, the Designated Broker must register on HUD’s website first, and then all their agents can register on, as well. See Quick Reference Guide link below.

HUD homes are vacant and on lockboxes, for easy showing. Agents can submit bids on as long as the property is available on that site. Agents should learn the rules of selling HUD homes by reading the Quick Reference Guide, the Selling Broker Handbook, and the other useful HUD Home Info links below, then reinforce all of this information by taking one of our FREE HUD home classes at the appropriate link below, as well. Be a professional and learn the rules of selling HUD Homes before you write an offer for your client. You’ll be glad you did.  Also, please view the very helpful agent video links below.

Quick Reference Guide Commonly Asked Questions HUD Homes Store Owner Occupant Contract Investor Contract Package Lender Q & A Selling Broker Handbook Free Training Classes HUD.GOV Agent Resources arizona


Click on the very informative HUD Home Agent video links below:

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What is a HUD Home

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HUD Home Photo Brochure

Selling HUD Homes for Agents video:  

Selling HUD Homes for agents 2

How to Improve Your Speaking Voice with Celebrity Voice Coach Roger Love video:

 Selling HUD Homes for agents



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